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Donor online: donate for children like Ahmed! – A small boy with sunglasses leans against a wooden post. © CBM
Donate and save the eyesight of children like Ahmed in Africa!

Help us saving children and adults in poor countries from blindness! Cataracts are the most common cause of blindness worldwide, especially in Africa, Asia and South America. At the same time a simple surgery could heal the people affected.

A cataract operation with general anesthesia costs 125 euros for children and only 30 euros for adults. Donate online for Africa and help people with cataracts like little Ahmed in Cameroon.

Because people like you donate, children can go to school, mothers can look after their boys and girls. And fathers can care for their families again. – Because these children, women and man can see again!

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That's who we are ...

... and what Christoffel-Blindenmission (CBM) sets apart from other German charity organizations:

  • Thanks to donors like you, we – a non profit organization in Germany – have been improving the situation of people with disabilities in poor countries around the world for more than 115 years.
  • With you as an online donor you help us to sustainably improve the quality of life: CBM has given children and adults eyesight through cataract surgeries more than 15 million times.
  • As a reputable donation organization, we make sure that your donation goes where it is needed most, especially to children.

Give the gift of sight, donate money online and make a lasting difference to people's lives! When you donate, charity is done – and CBM helps children, women and men to see again.

With these payment methods you can donate: PayPal, SEPA, and creditcard.


Donate now

A cataract operation for children costs 125 euros and
a cataract operation for adults only 30 euros.

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